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Star Trek III Phaser Pistol Replica
Description: Congratulations on your graduation from the Academy! To commemorate your achievement, and prepare you for your assignment on board the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, you have been issued an official Starfleet phaser pistol. This new model is comprised of two parts: a removable Type 1 cricket phaser and a Type 2 pistol grip.As with all standard-issue phasers, this one is equipped with four levels that may be necessary within your duties: Heat, Stun, Kill, and Disintegrate...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Price: USD 39.99

Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboards
Description: Back to the Future promised us many things: Mr. Fusion, being someone's density, and hoverboards. More than anything else, hoverboards have been the thing that we've longed for more than anything (well, maybe a close second to a time-travelling DeLorean) . Well, we haven't perfected human-sized hoverboards just yet, but to keep the dream alive, we have found these Back to the Future Desktop Hoverboards...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Eric Stave Dba Neolev Technologies Price: USD 39.99

Star Trek Paper Clips
Description: Paper clips are one of the greatest inventions of humankind. With the single exception of its implementation into office productivity software (I see you're trying to figure out what we're referring to. Can I help you?) , the paper clip can do no wrong. Sure it can hold papers together, but as MacGyver has shown, it can do oh so much more. Need to pick a lock? Paper clip...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Icon Heroes, Llc Price: USD 19.99

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set
Description: The Doctor loves his sonic screwdriver, and the TARDIS loves making the Doctor happy. That's why she keeps creating little gifts for him that have a sonic screwdriver theme. The TARDIS watches what the Doctor or his companions do, and then creates something sonic-y for them to play with. She's very sweet that way. This time, she saw the Doctor sitting down to a nice meal, and the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set was born...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Underground Toys Llc Price: USD 29.99

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster
Description: Star Wars Gifts: The alarm goes off. Vader gets up, stretches, and slogs out of bed. He puts on his Star Wars Fleece Robe and his Darth Vader slippers, and heads to the kitchen. Of course he enjoys a cup of Dark Side Roast, but Vader never, EVER starts his day without some toast made in his Star Wars Toaster. And all this inside his meditation chamber! Now you can have a Star Wars Toaster of your own (meditation chamber not included) ...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: License Play, Inc. Price: USD 49.99

Doctor Who Deluxe 12' Scarf
Description: When a Whovian discovers a friend is a knitter, it is very, very tempting to ask them to make you a Doctor Who scarf. On behalf of most knitters out there, we say, please don't. We love Doctor Who as much as you and you might notice that we don't even have a Doctor Who scarf for ourselves. There's a reason: it takes forever and it's all knit stitches, so it's pretty boring. In fact, when made in worsted weight yarn, a 12 foot long Tom Baker scarf contains 56,448 knit stitches...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Elope Inc Price: USD 49.99

The Legend of Zelda Monopoly
Description: The land of Link and Zelda is a beautiful place. With its trees and fields and bomb shops and... we just want to own it all! And now we can play super-greedy-land-baron (ess) and buy up all of Hyrule and neighboring locales, and then charge our friends tons of cash when they come to visit. We can, because we have The Legend of Zelda Monopoly! The Legend of Zelda Monopoly takes players on a trip through time as they travel through the land of Hyrule and beyond...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Usaopoly Price: USD 44.99

Carnivorous Creatures Light Cube
Description: Oh, the fickle sun. Sometimes it shines bright in all its glory; sometimes it stays hidden in robes of clouds. But plants need a lot of sunlight (and electrolytes) , and they need it when they need it. They can't be on the sun's random schedule. This is especially true when you are growing meat eating plants, because you don't want them to get mad at you and eat your face...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Dunecraft Inc Price: USD 29.99

Hobbit Staff of Gandalf FX Replica
Description: Or, you know, cannot if the books are more your thing... Speaking of which, a quote: All the dwarves sprang up, knocking over the table. Gandalf struck a blue light on the end of his staff, and in its firework glare the poor hobbit could be seen kneeling on the hearth-rug, shaking like a jelly that was melting. -The Hobbit A wizard's staff is already an incredible piece of equipment in that it's both a magic wand and a melee weapon in one...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Noble Collection Price: USD 159.99

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