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Star Trek III Phaser Pistol Replica
Description: Congratulations on your graduation from the Academy! To commemorate your achievement, and prepare you for your assignment on board the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, you have been issued an official Starfleet phaser pistol. This new model is comprised of two parts: a removable Type 1 cricket phaser and a Type 2 pistol grip.As with all standard-issue phasers, this one is equipped with four levels that may be necessary within your duties: Heat, Stun, Kill, and Disintegrate...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Price: USD 39.99

Doctor Who 9th Doctor #1 Exclusive Variant Comic
Description: D'you wanna come with me? 'Cause if you do then I should warn you; you'll see all sorts of things. Ghosts from the past. Aliens from the future. The day the Earth died in a ball of flame. It won't be safe, it won't be quiet, and it won't be calm...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Price: USD 7.99

Rubik's Cube Lamp
Description: The 80s saw many trends come and go - our favorite, of course, were those colorful cubic twisty puzzles that boggled our minds - the Rubik's Cube. Remember solving them with a screwdriver? Yeah, we did that, too. We won't tell if you don't. Eventually, though, we figured out how to solve the thing properly...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Paladone Products Ltd Price: USD 39.99

Godzilla 1962 Sofubi Figure
Description: Born from a sea of vinyl, contaminated by a vinylatomic blast, Godzilla (or Gojira, if you are a purist) left a path of vinyl destruction all over vinyl Tokyo. He smashed tons of vinyl buildings and stepped on many a vinyl person. But don't worry. This Godzilla is only 9 tall, so the carnage left in his wake was easily swept up in a matter of minutes. Get your own (small) copy of Kingoji / Kingodzi from the 1962 film King Kong vs. Godzilla. This is what we think of when someone says Godzilla...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Price: USD 69.99

Mega Man Helmet
Description: Every time Mega Man takes out an evil robot, he gains that the use of that robot's weapon. Unfortunately, Mega Man had just beaten Shrinking Man and then used his shrink ray on Mirror Man. The ray bounced back, and Mega Man was made smaller. Now, his name is Mega Mini Man. BUT, he's just the size to wear this Mega Man Helmet! Ok, so the Mega Man Helmet is not really made to be worn; it's all for show...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Capcom Usa, Inc. Price: USD 99.99

Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain
Description: The painful eyes. The mouth attempting to say something. The hands, possibly raising to block the face. The agony of the whole image: Han Solo, frozen in carbonite. As a guinea pig for a trap. Guess what? Now you can see this image every time you go into your bathroom! Presenting the Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain. Each Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain looks just like the real thing on Jabba's wall...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Robe Factory Price: USD 24.99

Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Towels
Description: Dear Doctor Who fans, If you own a kitchen and you are messy sometimes, we have a set of tea towels for you. One looks like the front of the TARDIS, and the other looks like the telephone panel sign. They have binding on the edges to ensure a long life and are machine washable, because whomever made them realized you might get alien goop on them, and that stuff can be hard to get out...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Underground Toys Llc Price: USD 19.99

Doctor Who Van Gogh TARDIS Mug
Description: VINCENT: I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamed of. THE DOCTOR: You don't have to tell me. One of the best parts of watching Doctor Who is learning about all the crazy aliens and creatures that are sharing our universe. Let's face it, we'll never see a weeping angel statue without the hair on the back of our necks standing on end. We're eyeing cracks in walls with suspicion. The guy at our bank? The creepy one? Certainly a Slitheen...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Titan Publishing Group Limited Price: USD 9.99

Back To The Future Desktop Hoverboards
Description: Back to the Future promised us many things: Mr. Fusion, being someone's density, and hoverboards. More than anything else, hoverboards have been the thing that we've longed for more than anything (well, maybe a close second to a time-travelling DeLorean) . Well, we haven't perfected human-sized hoverboards just yet, but to keep the dream alive, we have found these Back to the Future Desktop Hoverboards...

Store: ThinkGeek Brand: Eric Stave Dba Neolev Technologies Price: USD 39.99

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