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One Spooky Night: A Halloween Adventure
Description: Intricately cut pages and shadowy sheets of vellum come together in this tale of a little monstera (TM) s moonlit stroll through the woods to a creepy old house and a festive, fold-out finale full of Halloween cheer. In "One Spooky Night," intricately cut pages are overlaid with shadowy vellum to create a fun and mysterious tale that follows a little monster walking through the woods. Along the way, he encounters all sorts of curious sights, including hooting owls, grinning pumpkins, and even floating ghosts. "One Spooky Night"'s charming lyrical text accompanies the little monster down the forest path to a mysteriously creepy old house-encouraging readers to wonder, "What's inside?" The surprise ending, complete with a gatefold grand finale will encourage everyone to exclaim, "Happy Halloween

Store: Walmart US Brand: Price: USD 11.99

The 13 Nights of Halloween
Description: On the first night of Halloween, what does your mummy give you? A bright, shiny Skeleton Key, of course In fact, for each of the thirteen nights leading up to the big night, your mummy is ready with gifts that include everything from singing skulls to demons dancing to icky eyeballs. The spookier and slimier, the better From debut author-illustrator Guy Vasilovich comes a picture book that is sure to inspire even the youngest readers to start the creepy countdown to Halloween. Sing along to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as you get ready for the scariest-and silliest-night of the year.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Price: USD 13.85

Just Say Boo!
Description: If three dinosaurs roar when you open your door, what do you say? "Boo " of course In this charmingly spooky story by Susan Hood, little trick-or-treaters learn just what to say in every Halloween situation. From rattling bones to ghostly footsteps, Susan captures all the best scares of the season-and teaches just the right way to dispel fears in favor of fun. Jed Henry's lustrous watercolors add the perfect crisp chill to this fall-weather story. For if a skeleton groans as she rattles her bones, what do you say?

Store: Walmart US Brand: Price: USD 10.77

Mouse and Mole A Perfect Halloween
Description: Share another vibrant autumn season with Mouse and Mole in the sixth installment of this Geisel Honor Award-winning series."Eeny, meeny, miny, mumpkin -Which of you will be my pumpkin?" Mouse likes Halloween. In fact, Mouse loves Halloween. And with only a few days to go before the big day, Mouse has lots of preparations to make. There are decorations to hang up and pumpkins to carve - especially for the big pumpkin-carving contest Mole does not like Halloween nearly as much. It is scary. It is creepy. And who left that broom on the front step? Thankfully a pumpkin-carving contest is not too scary. But the pumpkin-carving contest is just the beginning of Mouse and Mole's Halloween adventures. What's Mouse to do when her best friend has turned into a big Scaredy-Mole? Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award WinnerWong Herbert Yee is a master of combining text and illustration for this age group. His onomatopoeic language paired with his vibrantly stylized illustrations make for an early reader series that is both artful and accessible.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Price: USD 13.44

Halloween Jack
Description: Children aged three and over will love to celebrate Halloween with these brightly illustrated board books.

Store: Walmart US Brand: Price: USD 7.76

Happy Halloween, Little Critter!
Description: It's Halloween Little Critter and Little Sister are going to a spooky party at a haunted house. Bobbing for apples and playing Pin the Broom on the Witch are fun-but what kinds of monsters, mummies, and skeletons are lurking in the shadows? Pull back the big flaps to find out

Store: Walmart US Brand: Price: USD 5.46

Mad Libs Junior: Halloween
Description: Boo With everything from ghoulish goblins to trick-or-treating-"Halloween Mad Libs JuniorTM" is a title sure to entertain "and" educate

Store: Walmart US Brand: Price: USD 4.44

Happy Halloween!
Description: Paperback, Gareth Stevens Pub, 2014, ISBN13 9781433999413, ISBN10 1433999412

Store: Walmart US Brand: Price: USD 8.15

Skittles Bite Size Tropical Candies: 36 count
Description: Taste the tropical rainbow with assorted flavor hard-then-chewy bite size candies! Skittles Bite Size Tropical Candies SpecificationsPacks per Shipment: 36Skittles per Pound: Approximately 400Weight per Shipment: 5 poundsSkittles per Shipment: Approximately 2000Total Shipment Weight: Approximately 6 pounds

Store: Walmart US Brand: Skittles Price: USD 39.58

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